5G Network performance and radio coverage monitoring for Industry 4.0, enhanced by drone

Within 5G-INDUCE Project, Internet Institute is working on the development and implementation of a #NetApp targeting #5G network performance and coverage monitoring for #Industry40 environments - #factoryofthefuture. Data collected through monitoring of #5G network serve as a key factor in a continuous process of network optimization, thus assuring required (high) level of #QoS for industrial process to run properly; to give two examples: high availability of data communications enables automated fork-lift operations, and high availability of services enables video-based remote-control operation. The solution is based on Internet Institute’s qMON quality monitoring suite product, and, among other features, it enables drone assistance to add height relation perspective of the monitoring parameters and to provide real-time video streaming with the purpose of identifying potential sources of performance drop (e.g., sources of radio interferences, metal obstacles causing signal scattering, etc.).

Use case study has been presented in Testing and optimizing 5G for industrial verticals presentation at the 25th Seminar on Radio Communications in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2 – 4 February 2022).