5G PPP Trials Results 2022 - Key Performance Indicators measured in advanced 5G Trial Sites

As the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) has entered its last stage, and the 5G PPP
Research and Innovation (R&I) projects and Working Groups (WG) are wrapping up their
activities with a target end date at the end of 2023, it is important to record and analyse
the trial findings and gained insights of the latest 5G PPP projects that engaged in 5Genabled field trials. This white paper by the Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation
(TMV) WG, provides the state of play of recently finished and still active projects from
Phase 3 of 5G PPP, aggregates their field measurements, presents and analyses their 5G
network (and application level) KPIs and discusses the gained insights, from the latest 5G
PPP trials.
This white paper is a natural conclusion of the work of the TMV WG as presented in its
previous white papers, which are summarized here along with the key achieved results of
the WG, as it complements the recorded metrics and KPIs from previous 5G PPP phases
with Phase 3 results. Additionally, it provides insights regarding the performance of stateof-the-art 5G features/technologies (e.g., 3GPP Rel. 16 SA), that were not available in
previous trials, but have been validated during Phase 3 trials.
Find out the White Paper here: https://5g-ppp.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/5GPPP-TMV_White-paper_Final-Trial-KPIs_v1.0.pdf