CAPIF -> endpoints for NEF

CAPIF service discovery method on link below returns info about NEF.

Return JSON is represented bellow.

It is a purpose to use this NEF info to construct NEF url for further communication (token, subscriptions…) with NET ?
Is NEF ipv4_addr in this version always ?

Otherwise NEF url is constructed from e.g. env file, but in context of using CAPIF - maybe this is one of the core functionality to retrieve endpoint.

(I mentioned this during Wp4 call, so just to put in words)

That’s a good question @JakaCijan !
At the current version of the SKD 0.8.5 this is out of scope (the information in this json is not valid)

So these properties:

should be ignored and you should retrieve the NEF url from the .env file as you mention.

In any case what you are proposing is a feature improvement. Indeed it would be good the whole endpoint to be constructed automatically by this JSON.

At the moment if you initialize a ServiceDiscovered and call method retrieve_specific_resource_name it will automatically filter this Json and return you a relative NEF endpoint (ex. “/nef/api/v1/3gpp-monitoring-event/v1/{id}/subscriptions”) where you need to prepend the NEF url.

service_discoverer = ServiceDiscoverer(folder_path_for_certificates_and_capif_api_key,

partial_endpoint = service_discoverer.retrieve_specific_resource_name("/nef/api/v1/3gpp-monitoring-event/", “MONITORING_SUBSCRIPTIONS”)