EVOLVED-5G Open Course on Network App Development

EVOLVED-5G offers an on-demand open training course for NetApp development , available in the educational platforms UPVx/EDx .

This course guides on the creation of 5G NetApps following the EVOLVED-5G vision, and can be accessed by everyone. It only requires you to register on the platform if you don’t have an account.


Thank you for sharing information about the EVOLVED-5G open course on network app development! It’s great to see such opportunities for learning and skill development in the field of 5G NetApp creation.

The availability of this course on educational platforms like UPVx/EDx ensures that individuals interested in 5G NetApp development can access the training conveniently. It’s wonderful that the course follows the EVOLVED-5G vision and is open to everyone.

For those who are interested, registering on the platform will grant access to this training course. It’s a valuable opportunity to enhance one’s skills and knowledge in network app development specifically tailored for the 5G domain.

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Best of luck to those taking the EVOLVED-5G open course! It’s an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of network app development in the 5G era.