How to start creating a Network App

For the development of a Network App you need to first shape the idea and design what you are going to program.

  • Is the Network App going to be standalone (integrated with a vertical application)? Do you intend your Network App to be an independent application (non-standalone NetApp) that acts as a middleware between the 5G Core and vertical applications, which make use of your Network App API exposure?
  • What functionality ? You need to have clear how to interact with the NEF APIs of a 5G Core Network, and which information or functiona
  • Which API functionality you plan to expose? How will be the API exposure of your Network App?

All these decisions must be taken before starting to code.

For creating the Network App is highly convenient to use the EVOLVED-5G SDK, which facilitates the programming process. The SDK provides a generic Network App template, automatically customizable, and libraries to exploit in an easy, simple way 5GC functionality, abstracting the interaction with the 5G APIs.

There is documentation and an online course for Network App Development training in EVOLVED-5G.

Another element that is essential in the development of a Network App is the use of a 5GC NEF emulator, to connect to the Network App and check the interaction with the APIs you are programming is working and makes sense. The EVOLVED-5G NEF emulator is available at EVOLVED-5G GitHub.

After the development of your Network App you will have to verify its correct performance. Support regarding this next task is provided in posts addressing the Verification topic.