INFOLYSIS Chatbot and Network application for Precise Maintenance in 5G-enabled Industry 4.0

INFOLYSiS is part of the first pilar Innovation; the Interaction of Employees and Machines pilar. For our chatbot application we take advantage of the indoor location that 5G provides to offer a solution for automating, some time-consuming procedures of factories.
In specific, a Chatbot application for workers/engineers within a factory that facilitates the reporting procedure of faulty machinery, ensuring the workers’ safety, and provides the authorized personnel with the necessary documentation for the repair. EVOLVED-5G INFOLYSIS chatbot is relied on the web-based version of the INFOLYSIS chatbot platform in order to be self-contained within the factory environment
Utilizes the 5G functionality to provide accurate indoor location.

User authentication
Location share
Multiple choice buttons
Free text
File sharing