Using the SDK

You can find the EVOLVED-5G SDK in the EVOLVED-5G GitHub repository.

This Software Development Kit is specifically addressed to facilitate the development of NetApps, and integrates different tools for this aim:

-A CLI-Tool
-A NetApp template that can be employed for automatically generating the repository for a generic template, with the required folders and files, customized as the developer indicates. The use of this repository eases the developer’s work, who has only to add code.

  • SDK libraries which very significantly facilitates the developer the exploitation of 5GC functionality in a very easy and accesible manner. Currently, there are 2 libraries available:
    - LocationSubscriber: that allows to monitor the location of the different devices connected to a 5G Network.
    - QoSAwareness: that allows to generate alerts when QoS is not guaranteed.

Instructions for the installation and use of the EVOLVED-5G SDK can be found in the EVOLVED-5G GitHub, in the EVOLVED-5G ReadDocs, and in the EVOLVED-5G Open Online Course “NetApp Development”.